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We will never stop asking ourselves how we can make it even better. Our promise to all our guests is to be the best and to offer the most exotic coffees available. We will serve as leaders at the same level of excellence, 365 days a year. If we do not meet your expectations, let us know

In the pursuit of flavor-straight from the farmer’s hand.

Abundancia Coffee Studio – Portland, Oregon

Welcome to our coffee house, where everyone is invited regardless of race, religion, sex, color, gender and sexual orientation.

Abundancia Coffee Studio is a coffee house owned by a third generation coffee farmer.  We are the pioneers of the “fourth wave coffee movement”, which we proudly define as coffee straight from the farmer’s hand. All of our coffees come directly from our farms,or farmers who we know.

Portland is famous for good coffee. With that in mind, we wanted to create a place to showcase not just good coffee, but exceptional coffees, unknown to the current Portland Coffee Scene.

We have farmed multi-award winning coffees for generations. Most of our exclusive and rare lots never get to Portland, with our largest market currently being the east coast. We wanted to share some of the world’s rarest and mostly sought after coffees with our Portland Community, at affordable prices.

It was a big challenge! We wanted to create a coffee house that reflected our grandfather’s work in the mastery of coffee plants and pursuit of perfection in coffee flavor. He was a loving and exacting man, whose standards and taste for the best traditional Kenyan coffee, inspired us to match this desire in showcasing these coffees.

We named our coffee house Abundancia Coffee Studio due its small and intimate size. We hired a Portland native to create a place which meets and surpasses the world’s best coffee houses. We do not make concessions when it comes to farming our coffees…the same applied to designing our studio. We wanted to bring a coffee experience to Portland that was inspired by the Curators coffee house in London and the St. Frank in San Francisco.

In order to create an experience for our guests, we created an intimate space. A lot of attention was paid in picking comfortable chairs, we chose tufted seats, and for the coffee lovers who appreciate the high quality playback of music, we purchased Arnie Nudell Genesis speakers for our coffee house music.

Besides serving our coffee farm’s exceptional coffees, we are offering guest roasters, to serve coffees from world renowned roasters and other exceptional farmers. The guest coffees must too pass our four non-negotiables: rarity, perfect cupping, mini micro lot and sustainability, in order to land a spot in the Abundancia rotation.

We understand that most good coffees are seasonal. We will serve the best of the season but you can expect one thing, we will make no concessions in the process of sourcing and brewing excellent coffee. In that way, you can expect consistency in all our coffees, 365 days a year.

We are honored to have the following as guest coffee roasters:

George Howell Coffees — Acton, MA

Squaremile Coffee Roasters — London, UK

Colona Coffee — London, UK

St.Clare — San Francisco, CA

Inteligentisia — Chicago, IL

Aida Batlle’s Grand Reserve Finca Kilimanjaro — El Salvador

The Peterson’s Hacienda La Esmeralda — Boquete, Panama

Berlina Geisha –

Our Artisinal Coffees are available as drip or pour overs.

Our Boutique Coffees are available as pour overs only.

Our Dolce/Guest Grand Reserves are available as pour overs, vacuum or Aeropress.